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Section 80D Deduction

In terms of provisions of section 80D of the Income-tax Act, 1961, deduction is allowed from gross total income of the individual assessee for the following expenses incurred during the previous year.

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Income Tax Deduction for Health Insurance

  • Medical Expenses of Self, Spouse and Dependent Children

    Health insurance premium or contribution to Central Government Health Scheme of upto Rs.25,000 per year is deductible. In case of senior citizen or very senior citizen, the maximum deduction allowed is Rs.30,000.
    Also, medical expense for preventive health checkup of upto Rs.5000 is allowed under Section 80D. Deduction of upto Rs.30,000 can be claimed for medical expenditure for a very senior citizen not covered under insurance.

  • Medical Expenses of Parents

    In case of Parents of taxpayer, health insurance premium of upto Rs.25000 is allowed as deduction. If the parents are senior citizen or very senior citizen, then Rs.30,000 is allowed as deduction for health insurance premium.
    Also, any medical expense relating to preventive health check for Parents of upto Rs.5000 can be claimed. Likewise, upto Rs.30,000 deduction is available for medical expenditure for a very senior citizen who is not covered under health insurance.

Health Insurance

Mode of Payment for Medical Expense

Mode of payment for the medical expenses incurred by the taxpayers can be claimed as deduction under section 80D. The payments can be made in cash or in any other mode.